Battlefield 4: Showdown Live

There’s only one way to showcase a hit video game about war – and that’s to start a real one (well, almost).

Attention Seekers came to Electronic Arts and DICE with an idea for a fast-moving, high-octane live event designed to promote their upcoming Battlefield 4 video game.

During an electrifying global broadcast on the Xbox Live console, we created a unique 64-player Europe vs. USA tournament, featuring big names in the gaming world and many thrilling live interactive elements.

Attention Seekers consulted with multiple stakeholders throughout the creative process to ensure that everyone involved was satisfied with the brief of the live broadcast, which was helmed by award-winning live director James Russell.

The event itself was conceived, produced and broadcast by Attention Seekers, with the aim of combining both the core concept of exhibiting Battlefield 4 on the next generation Xbox One console, and producing 90 minutes of entertainment for a mass audience – always our chief focus and drive.

Attention Seekers also created a promo campaign featuring Xbox Live USA’s community face Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb and Europe’s Graeme ‘Aceybongos’ Boyd, who were encouraging gamers to get behind their country or continent whilst creating a gripping rivalry in the build-up to the event, resulting in a tangible investment from viewers.

Hosted by Andy Akinwolere and Jessica Chobot, the show was a massive success, attracting fantastic audience and interactivity numbers. Chatter among communities on social media platforms, such as Twitter and gamers forum NeoGaf, highlighted the positive influence the show had over reviews about the game and the console itself.