Dragon Age Origins

DA 3

When a risky idea is on the table, you need a company you can rely on. How can you ensure that a 24 hour gaming competition will run smoothly? You do what award-winning developer BioWare did; turn to Attention Seekers.

Dragon Age Origins: The Wardens’ Quest was a gaming event which used a 24 hour gaming marathon as a vehicle to showcase the title and its unique elements to the wider gaming community online.

Teams of gamers from across Europe lived, fought and explored the game whilst the action and drama was brought to life for the viewers at home watching online over 24 hours; creating appointments to view as the teams battled ever onwards to claim a $50,000 prize pot.­

Interactivity was a key guideline set out by the client, and we at Attention Seekers knew exactly what was required. Viewers for the show were given exclusive input into the game through controller voting and their own sub-quests to find strategy tips online. Including the viewer’s interactively ensured that they would stay connected to show, increasing social chatter on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and numerous game forums.