Elite Dangerous Premiere Event and Stream

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Cobra Mark III spacecraft.

No, it really is.

Frontier Developments wanted to treat their dedicated fanbase to a stunning premiere event for the upcoming release of their long-awaited title, ‘Elite Dangerous’; a sequel to the critically-acclaimed Elite Series from the 1980’s. After coming to Attention Seekers, we suggested going one step further; streaming it live across Twitch so the whole world could witness….and that is exactly what happened. Situated amongst the breath-taking aircraft at the Duxford Imperial War Museum in Cambridge, over 1000 arrived for an evening with everything on offer;  customised PC’s purpose-built for the game, live music, exclusive demos and even discussions with Frontier’s elite team, including legendary CEO David Braben.

Whilst this party was in full swing, our production team orchestrated the live streaming of the event fronted by Jessica Chobot and Andy Akinwolere. The pair took viewers on an exclusive, in-depth tour of the event and revealed some never before seen content live on air; attracting thousands of viewers from across the globe. If all this wasn’t enough, we had the iconic Cobra Mark III ship from the game designed and built before placing it as the event centrepiece. Reactions as the venue hangar doors were opened and the craft was revealed to mark the start of the evening showed just what this event meant to the community, with some even shedding a tear or two. No wonder #EliteDangerousPremiere was one of the top trends in London. No wonder The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury called it the ‘best UK game launch he has ever been to’. No wonder those in the industry choose Attention Seekers to manage their biggest moments.