Gamescom 2014 Xbox Keynote

One of the biggest gaming events of the year coupled with one of the biggest names in gaming? You’ll need Attention Seekers.

The Xbox keynote speech is an annual spectacle for gamers, and it was tasked to us at Attention Seekers to broadcast it, LIVE, to the world. Our talented production team demonstrated how a show of this caliber should be: seamless and entertaining.

This was followed immediately with the Keynote Aftershow: a second live broadcast that required our unparalleled production talent to bring about another piece of flawless live content, in a different location. If the Keynote was a nod to our live production capabilities, then the Aftershow highlighted our proficiency in a creative capacity; having taken the show from concept through to transmission.

Whilst our live production team were on air, our editors worked on turning around an EPK and highlights reel of the event that became available to global press immediately after the live show finished.

Once again, we at Attention Seekers feel proud and privileged to have another success story to share with the world, and a great show too.