Nvidia GAME24 Stream

In September 2014, nVidia chose to showcase their new state-of-the-art GPU, the GTX 980, with a live, 24 hour, worldwide stream from their global launch parties.

…And we thought we were Attention Seekers.

When it came to producing and broadcasting the UK leg of GPU manufacturer nVidia’s GAME24 event, the duty fell to Attention Seekers to show the world an intimate look at the London event. This 90 minute multi-camera OB was also broadcast on the main US channel for maximum reach. As usual, Attention Seekers delivered a high quality, broadcast level stream that exceeded the client’s expectations. Hosted by Andy Akinwolere and Chris Cohen, and featuring multiple guests and games powered by nVidia on PC, the high energy broadcast delivered the highest ratings and engagement over the entire 24 hours.

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