We’re not scared of doing the thinking for you.

Our dynamic and inventive team will generate, innovate and deliver engaging, vibrant concepts, destined to flourish in the digital world and find a life far beyond your expectations.

From creating online campaigns to inspirational broadcast formats, to helping brands communicate with consumers in an engaging and meaningful way, Attention Seekers is fully committed to successfully realising your vision, or creating one that’s the perfect fit.

Xbox On

The Official Xbox UK YouTube Channel

Dirt 3

An ambitious, real-life re-imagining of a track from the Dirt 3 video game. Rally driver Ken Block tackled the course which was designed to promote the title.

Luxure Digital

Bespoke web design and digital content, crafted to reflect the image promoted by LUXURE magazine.

Check One Two

Check One Two – Attention grabbing viral content for the masses.