Creating and delivering electrifying live programming takes a production company with the perfect blend of experience, knowledge and imagination. And we can imagine a lot.

At Attention Seekers, our record with both live events and broadcasts is insanely good. We use the best and brightest names at the top of their game to ensure that live content is consistently produced to the highest standard.

Both Microsoft’s hour-long Gamescom magazine show and EA’s 90-minute Battlefield Showdown Event were produced and delivered by satellite, and broadcast around the globe thanks to our dedicated team.

Nvidia GAME24 Stream

nVidia chose us to showcase their new state-of-the-art GPU, the GTX 980, with a live, 24 hour, worldwide stream from their global launch parties.

Be The One

A colossal event for Electronic Arts featuring huge gaming arenas and big name music artists.

Dragon Age Origins

A non-stop, 24 hour gaming competition designed to showcase BioWare’s highly anticipate Dragon Age: Origins video game.

Xbox Gamescom 2013

A live, bespoke creation for Microsoft’s Xbox at the world famous Gamescom 2013.

The Cesc Fàbregas Show

Nike Live: The Cesc Fàbregas Show was a live broadcast brand-rich event, viewed across satellite and digital platforms.

Battlefield 4: Showdown Live

A 90 minute show, incorporating a 64-player e-sports tournament. Broadcast globally, live and interactive on Xbox Live.