For the launch of Elite Dangerous, creators Frontier needed to make a big impression on press, influencers, and crucially the fans. Initially Frontier crowdfunded their campaign to develop the new version of Elite with a reward of 200 fans being able to attend the launch. We needed to create a hybrid event for 1,000 attendees; a fan-fest for both backers and paid ticket attendees, a moment for the press and influencers and on top of that, a 90-minute show to be broadcast to the global online audience.

Our events team took over the Imperial War Museum at Duxworth. We had the team who built models for the Star Wars movies create the iconic Cobra MkIII spaceship from the game and install it as a museum piece alongside the array of jet fighters, Spitfires and even Concorde. We also created a stage for presentations, demo areas, merchandise, a VR experiential zone, game pods, two bars and a VIP area. A drinks reception for 1000 people was followed by the unveiling and opening of the event using the aircraft hangar doors, creating a very special moment for both the fans and a proud studio team.

Our broadcast team also built a back line and stage in the heart of the venue to broadcast – via satellite – a live show encapsulating the spirit of the event and offering reveals, interviews and demos, extending the reach of the event globally.