When Forza secured a world-first spot on one of the oldest and most prestigious racing podiums of them all, the Le Mans 24 Hour, they turned to us to tell this ground breaking story.

After a two-season exploration of the emergence of esports in the racing game genre, Turn 10 approached us to help them distil this journey into a documentary series that would highlight their role in bringing racing games to the forefront of esports.

In recognising that the power of esports’ appeal lay in the personal journeys of those involved, we created a compelling narrative and instinctively knew which stories to tell. By being in tune with the gaming community, we correctly predicted who would capture the public’s imagination and who would shine under pressure. We knew exactly where to look for the rags to riches stories that would captivate and inspire.

We understood that authentic personal stories were the key to selling an amazing driving experience, and that’s because we understand the market better than anybody else. Every player wants to be a legend, and we offered a real and compelling insight into that dream being played out at the one of the world’s more prestigious stages.