The video games media landscape has transformed considerably in the past decade. While the written word from experienced journalists remains important, gamers are increasingly turning to online video from personalities they regard as peers for information, recommendations and entertainment.

For Jurassic World Evolution, we created a compelling experience for both journalists and influencers. Not only did it generate a huge amount of positive coverage for the game, but it also squeezed the very maximum amount of value out of every second of our Universal Studios-based event.

Attendees were not only able to play the game, but the process of capturing and supplying them with the video content they needed was perfectly executed. This left influencers with less time worrying about getting the footage they needed and more time to enjoy the experience and create compelling content for their audiences.

Not only was there a suite of capture rooms efficiently pumping out top quality footage, but Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum was on hand to give everyone a big moment to share with their fans. With a walk-in T-Rex experience, authentic jeeps from the films and three tonnes of live trees on set, Attention Seekers ensured that every moment across both days was an experience to remember.