Tasked with creating a live stream to announce the long-awaited arrival of PUBG on XBOX, we played on something close to every PUBG gamers heart; a (Winner Winner) Chicken Dinner.

To bring the community together under this theme, we created a pop-up chicken shop in a central London location. Using our expertise in broadcast and set design, we crafted a completely unique experience for our live audience, stream viewers and talent.

Making the most of every possible moment, the downtime between PUBG matches was filled with shoutcaster-commentated highlights, a build-a-burger challenge, audience interaction and much more. The lively on-set vibe saw the cheerful audience celebrating success and goading mistakes, creating a vibrant atmosphere that translated perfectly to the live stream.

On-the-fly capture was offered to the Xbox social team so that they were able to clip and share hilarious moments and outrageously skilled highlights with a massive audience just moments after they happened, ensuring a constant supply of new viewers to the stream.

This campaign won an MCV award for Best Campaign for under £500k.