When IGN approached us to help them deliver a live event that would create a connection between their gaming audience and the WWE fan base, we jumped at the chance to bring these communities together to a shared live experience.

WWE’s brief was to reach out to a new audience of young gamers whilst remaining loyal to their core entertainment proposition. In order to do so we had to intertwine the DNA of WWE with meaningful gaming content.

Esports felt like a natural fit for the WWE superstars, who entered the arena as they would a wrestling ring; complete with smack-talk, chest-thumping and hype. This format perfectly captured the authenticity of the WWE franchise and added a narrative component to esports that is oftentimes overlooked.

Thanks to the staff at IGN and the willing cooperation of the WWE and celebrity talent who starred in the event, this project was able to garner 70 million social hits, 7 million views and an unprecedented 96% positive social sentiment.