Xbox Live Sessions began by working with some of the biggest stars in the world including John Boyega, Usain Bolt, James Corden and Captain America himself Chris Evans in a range of bespoke shows that have spanned the globe. Access to these top stars has allowed Microsoft to tap into huge non-endemic audiences, opening up Xbox to massive new potential markets.

Being aware of the global calendar means that whenever possible our shows are tied into large events that help maximise exposure. Super Bowl? What better time to promote Madden! NBA All-Stars weekend? Our NBA show will be ready to launch.

Xbox Live Sessions has been a fantastic opportunity to work collaboratively with some of the world’s most successful creative agencies. Despite the tremendous scale, our agency remains incredibly flexible and always delivers. Whether it’s a large US sports stadium, the beautiful beaches of Jamaica, an Airbnb in Atlanta or a hot air balloon – yes, we’ve done that too – we will create a unique and compelling event that will connect your brand with new and existing audiences in a way no-one else can match.